Antiques Roadshowitis

If you spend over a week in bed with strep throat, and you don’t have cable, you end up watching a fair amount of public television. I’ve logged many hours with Antiques Roadshow in the past week and a half. Perhaps that explains why I was so willing to take a gamble on a purchase at the Blue Bird Circle Thrift Shop yesterday.

I always have fortune-hunting on my mind at thrift stores, as I’m sure everyone else does. I found a couple of small paintings. Framed at a professional frame shop. A careful note on the back with the artist’s name. Surreptitiously, I googled, and the artist is a well-known folk artist. Some of her paintings were about this size, although mostly oils, and through the thick glass, this looked more like watercolor. Still … I mean, long ago, someone bought a couch at the Blue Bird and when they recovered it, discovered $2,000 in cash stashed inside the pillows … I had to take a chance!

I gambled.

And lost.

I carefully pulled apart the first frame and discovered a greeting card?!?!?! Who pays a frame shop to frame mass-produced greeting cards?

Oh, well. Back to working for a living.

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