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Walking, Alone, as a Woman

Friday nights, I often stay home and skip dinner or eat a little bit of cheese (generally all that is left in the fridge by then), which I know is just about more excitement than any one person can handle. … Continue reading

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And Another Thing

Yes, I’m still on the Sarah Davis thing. Here is her quote about why she voted against the forced sonogram bill (a vote that she and everyone else knew would do nothing to change the outcome, given the GOP majority): … Continue reading

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Extra iPods?

We have two in our household, not to mention our combined record, CD, and cassette tape collections plus satellite radio. We need never suffer a moment’s silence again. It turns out that by raising $1,000 for the Houston Area Women’s … Continue reading

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Walk the Walk for Lara Logan

I’m still desperately upset and angered by the ignorant and mean-spirited backlash against Lara Logan, so let’s be clear about a few things: Rape is wrong. The person responsible for rape is the perpetrator of the crime, not the person … Continue reading

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Contributing to (the) Wikipedia (Gender Gap)

It turns out barely 13% of people who contribute to Wikipedia are female. (As a fundraiser, when I first saw the headline, I thought the contributions referenced were gifts to the Wikipedia foundation, not actual adding or editing of articles.) … Continue reading

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