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Six Substantive Differences Between Obama and Romney

Who says you can’t have calm, thoughtful political discourse on Facebook? One friend is geared up, and rightly so, about whether Romney illegally avoided taxes by undervaluing IRA assets. One of his friends commented that there had to be at … Continue reading

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Continuing the FB Fun with Rick Perry – And Why It Matters

Yesterday, the good guv shut down comment functionality on one of his Facebook pages. But you know the good lord never closes the door without opening a window, right? On this page, you can comment on the governor’s posts. And … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Shuts Down Facebook Fun

Well, it was bound to happen. When I logged in to Governor Rick Perry’s Facebook page this morning, I discovered that the administrator has removed the ability of others to leave comments on his wall. Now, this is all you … Continue reading

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I’ve got several lingering friend requests on Facebook. On the one hand, I feel kind of badly leaving anyone hanging. On the other, I don’t feel too badly, because I know the likelihood of me running into any of those … Continue reading

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Defriending – What’s The Big Deal?

Just read an article in Salon about people whose divorces play out on Facebook.  The article follows a fairly predictable arc – the starkness of the status update showing a person has switched from married to single, the unseemliness of … Continue reading

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