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I Remember Rock & Roll Radio

After the third Led Zeppelin song came on the radio as we were driving home last night, everything became crystal clear. Either Robert Plant or Jimmy Page had died, or radio stations are STILL getting the led out on Friday … Continue reading

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Songs for Rocking the Vote

Annise Parker’s campaign just took 30 seconds out of their GOTV effort to tweet out a request: Important: We’re creating a song playlist for our Election Night Party. Respond with your suggestions! I like the idea of farming this out … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guard on the Fridge

This cartoon came down from our fridge today, at Allen’s request: I just checked The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank and learned Bruce Eric Kaplan published it in the 4/11/2005 issue.  I would have lost money had I bet on how … Continue reading

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That’s How I (Rock &) Roll

Yesterday, I rocked out to KISS while cruising around on my errands. This song always cracks me up.  I suspect that on This American Life, although I cannot remember for sure, I heard a story about a guy mistaking one … Continue reading

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Profile of a Wingnut: The Church Soloist

My strongest memories of Sunday School include the taste of Saltines washed down with watered-down red Kool-Aid, the smell of the crayons we used to color in all of those pictures from the bible lessons, and the aural chaos created … Continue reading

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