Who Is This Person?

I have a no-quiz/no-list policy for Facebook, so I never respond when people tag me with list 20 favorite books, 10 things no one knows about you, 5 movies you’d take to a desert island.  I will take advantage of this about page to make up for that.

Seven Things About Me

  1. My name is Andrea and I approve this message.
  2. I’m a proud Houston, our own little blue dot in a purple current swirling through the  red sea that is Texas.
  3. I love pandas and nothing can ever change that.
  4. People always tell me I should open a bakery, but I don’t think they know how much work that would be. Still, I would love to do it.
  5. No me busques que me encuentras.
  6. If I could be deputized to cite people for moving violations, the world would be a better place.
  7. I love to write and you can hire me to do it. Essays, speeches, op-eds, reports, your dating profile bio (trust me, it needs work), even poems although nothing epic. Use this contact form:

A note about comments
I do not automatically publish all comments on my blog. I am not the government—yet—so my refusing to publish your comment does not in any way affect your right to free speech. Start your own damn blog if you’ve got something to say. The internet is a big place and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

A note about photos
I reserve all rights to all photos taken by me on this site. You may use my photos for noncommercial uses if and only if you credit this site and link back to it. No permission is granted in any way, shape, or form for the commercial use of my photos. If I have used one of your photos under a creative commons license and not properly attributed it, please comment on the post in which I’ve used it and I will fix the problem immediately.


4 Responses to Who Is This Person?

  1. Susan Cahill says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I am the physician assistant who’s clinic in Montana was completely destroyed by Zachery Klundt. Your blog goes straight to my heart. Zachery is the son of the founder of “Hope Ministries”, a CPC (crisis pregnancy center). The executive director of “Hope Ministries” bought the building I had been renting for 61/2 years to force me out of business. She and her husband knew that it would not be easy for me to find another building to rent, but I did. So, when they couldn’t stop me from practicing, their founder’s son destroyed my practice. He had a semi-automatic rifle in his car and a semi-automatic pistol on his person. Without a shadow of a doubt I know that if he had been unsuccessful in destroying my office, he would have destroyed me.
    I know and have worked with the medical director for “Hope Ministries”. He and I have always been respectful and he is a good doctor, although completley anit-choice. On the “Hope Ministries” webpage he says his work is “in the spirit of Jesus”. I wrote to him last week. In the letter I said, “I am a victim here, but so is Zachery. He was born in innocence and love. He was taught to hate. This is not the “spirit of Jesus”. This is the “spirit” that Jesus was preaching against.”
    My point is two-fold: The anti-choice rhetoric that calls it “murder”, and therefore abortion providers “murderers” has bred a second generation of people who feel ok about these acts of violence and hatred. That our country continues to allow such rhetoric to continue for a legal, medically important and necessary procedure, leaves me speechless…….
    Susan Cahill

  2. Mark Kincaid says:

    Dear Andrea,
    Thanks for your post-election Battleground post. They, and now we, have a way forward. To paraphrase, the arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards Democrats.

  3. KATHERINE says:

    Oh my, I was one of those company girls. Believe me, peggy , glenda and emma werent any easier on the allegro group. In fact they played favorites. I waisted to much time on them.

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