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A Strange Fruit Apology. Sort of. Maybe Try Again?

Several months back, I blogged about the Australian aerial performance troupe called Strange Fruit. More accurately, I blogged about the singular meaning of the phrase in American culture. Not long after, OffBeat, the magazine of Louisiana music and culture, captioned … Continue reading

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You Sedum Here First

For the title of this post, blame first my father, inveterate punster, and second, advice from The Great Lobachevsky. (As in, I saw the joke on somebody else’s website.) Came across the sedum joke while trying to identify the specific … Continue reading

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Tartine Lemon Cream

I’ve been using this lemon cream to fill tarts and cakes, most often, coconut cake, but frankly, I’d eat it with a ladle and be very happy. I suspect the lemon cream pushed coconut cake to victory over German chocolate … Continue reading

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Ken Hoffman & I Vote The Same Way

That title may be deceptive. I’ve seen him around town, and I read his column from time to time, but I don’t know Ken, and certainly don’t know how he votes on most things. But on one issue, at least, … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Protests

Another 40 Days of Nasty Hatred Directed at Low-Income Women campaign has been clogging up the sidewalks at the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The biggest success so far has to be the fundraising campaign which has generated over $56,000 [update … Continue reading

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