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A Strange Fruit Apology. Sort of. Maybe Try Again?

Several months back, I blogged about the Australian aerial performance troupe called Strange Fruit. More accurately, I blogged about the singular meaning of the phrase in American culture. Not long after, OffBeat, the magazine of Louisiana music and culture, captioned … Continue reading

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You Sedum Here First

For the title of this post, blame first my father, inveterate punster, and second, advice from The Great Lobachevsky. (As in, I saw the joke on somebody else’s website.) Came across the sedum joke while trying to identify the specific … Continue reading

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Tartine Lemon Cream

I’ve been using this lemon cream to fill tarts and cakes, most often, coconut cake, but frankly, I’d eat it with a ladle and be very happy. I suspect the lemon cream pushed coconut cake to victory over German chocolate … Continue reading

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Ken Hoffman & I Vote The Same Way

That title may be deceptive. I’ve seen him around town, and I read his column from time to time, but I don’t know Ken, and certainly don’t know how he votes on most things. But on one issue, at least, … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Protests

Another 40 Days of Nasty Hatred Directed at Low-Income Women campaign has been clogging up the sidewalks at the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The biggest success so far has to be the fundraising campaign which has generated over $56,000 [update … Continue reading

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Tea Party Terror Tactics

Does cutting the line to the propane tank at a Congressman’s house because you disagree with him on health care reform count as political discourse? The actual story, should you opt not to follow the link above, goes like this: … Continue reading

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The Reason I Seldom Attend Parties

Eventually, they devolve. People who spend their days trying not to say certain things say them, and you realize that saying what you think is not for beginners. Or, people who spend their days saying what they think become frustrated … Continue reading

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