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Is There Any Other Way To Party?

I’m co-chairing Planned Parenthood Young Leaders annual throw-down, Party Like a Rock Star, and I sure would appreciate your support. Get the details & buy tickets or donate here. Why should you donate? This is a vision I bet you … Continue reading

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Those Darn Microphones, Always Recordin’

My mother worries that, because we only watch free, over-the-airwaves television, we miss out on the key stories of the day. I’ve assured her that this fancy internet situation means we generally know about the issues that rise to the … Continue reading

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Fiona – Rocking Those Stilettos

Oprah (or, as The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant fabulously calls her, Okrah!) has put out the word—who can fill my shoes when I go off the air? Well, some of us know who, and we want you to … Continue reading

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Sampling The World’s Tiniest Violin for RJD2

Well, I didn’t write about it the first time I heard it, because my annoyance subsided, but I heard a repeat of the World Cafe episode featuring RJD2, and remember why he annoyed me so much. RJD2 (D2? Can I … Continue reading

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Hallmark Wouldn’t Touch This With a Ten-Foot Lens

A man pleaded guilty today for trying to film his boss by hiding video cameras in the women’s bathroom at the restaurant where they worked. The man, speaking through a translator, apparently grasped the seriousness of the offense: “I understand … Continue reading

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A GOP-Backed Spoiler Candidate

I do hope investigators uncover the facts behind the Democratic Senate primary victory of Alvin Greene in South Carolina. Maybe, as Tom Schaller at 538 says, the simplest explanation is true—a fluke of ballot order, a familiar-enough name, and a … Continue reading

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Katrina in the Waves? I Think Not.

You might as well play this peppy little number as background music while you read, because I think we could all use a little feel-good right now: Seems that it is becoming fashionable to compare the current administration’s response to … Continue reading

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