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New Leaders Council Houston Chapter Launches

You aren’t doing your job if you’re not thinking about engaging, mentoring, and supporting the people who will do it when you are gone. That’s why I’m on the Houston executive board for New Leaders Council. The mission: New Leaders … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Senate Vote on Paycheck Fairness

As predicted, the Senate was unable to get the 60 votes necessary to invoke cloture and end the Republican filibuster that is preventing the Paycheck Fairness Act from coming to a vote on the floor. Not a single Republican voted … Continue reading

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If You Support Birth Control & Planned Parenthood, Say It Loud & Say It Proud (And Put It On Your Website)

I’ve long been frustrated by liberal/progressive candidates who hide the ball on their websites and in campaign material when it comes to stating their support for abortion rights and birth control. If they mention it at all, candidates tend to … Continue reading

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Women Are Not Distractions

Komen continues to miss the point. Nancy Brinker sent an email to supporters: Dear Friends and Family of Susan G. Komen, The events of the last week over our funding decisions have been extremely challenging for all of us. Most … Continue reading

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