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Clinic Defense at Planned Parenthood

After a long break from such activities, I returned to Planned Parenthood this morning to escort clients past protesters. For the past several years, various anti-choice organizations have staged a 40-day protest at clinics in Houston and Bryan/College Station, and … Continue reading

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Defriending – What’s The Big Deal?

Just read an article in Salon about people whose divorces play out on Facebook.  The article follows a fairly predictable arc – the starkness of the status update showing a person has switched from married to single, the unseemliness of … Continue reading

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If They Weren’t Australian . . .

This weekend, an Australian company performed at the new park downtown.  I will borrow a description from their website: [The group] is a Melbourne-based performing arts company that produces and performs a remarkable style of work that fuses theatre, dance … Continue reading

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In 4th form, Cat’s parents came up to school.  For some reason I will never, ever understand, Cat’s dad arranged for the restaurant where our families were sharing a meal to bring me a plate of sliced beets. Beets from … Continue reading

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Desserts for Junk Month Dinner

Tonight, a certain group I meet with monthly celebrates the end of summer by gathering for dinner.  I have not seen them since beginning this blog, so will ask their permission to go into a little more detail in the … Continue reading

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