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Being of Service to Your Kitchen Chores

A tian, most simply, is an earthenware casserole dish used in France to cook vegetables. Which vegetables? Diced or sliced? With or without cheese? Or eggs? That’s where it gets complicated, unless you allow it to be simple again. Summer … Continue reading

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Something Awesome My Mom Said (And a Great Article)

Sometimes, you don’t hear things right the first time. About 8 or 9 years ago, lying in the emergency room waiting to be seen by a doctor, I was trying to calm myself down by getting my mom and husband … Continue reading

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Chick-Shit, Part II

Bridesmaids. Content-wise, pretty typical as far as standard chick-flicks go; not particularly feminist, despite the hype. Or was it? I will now make the argument for how Bridesmaids can be read as a feminist film, although you’ll have to read … Continue reading

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Chick-Shit, Part I

I just spent the afternoon at the movies, where I’m fairly certain the tab for parking, popcorn, and the actual film will wind up costing more than I drop on dinner. But this isn’t a post about the high price … Continue reading

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I’ll Do It for $100, But Please Pay in Advance

I am so totally on board for helping to take care of any pets left behind after the rapture, which may or may not be happening next weekend. I do wonder, however, what other uses they may find for their … Continue reading

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My Only Redistricting Issue

A new proposed map has been released, and like many people, I actually am having a hard time figuring out the exact boundaries. That’s because the file is kind of funky and I’m not 100% confident in my ability to … Continue reading

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Another Public/Private Potential Boondoggle (But Maybe Not, I Don’t Know)

Did anyone see this in the paper? The city plans to spin off its convention and entertainment business into its own corporation, a move that could channel an extra $10 million to cash-starved City Hall in the coming year. The … Continue reading

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