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Speculation About Wendy Davis & the 2014 Elections

Update: Senator Davis, speaking at the National Press Club in D.C. today (8/5/13), stated that she will either run for her senate seat or for governor. She has ruled out lieutenant governor or any other race. According to Matt Angle, “a … Continue reading

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Peremptory Challenge to Legislation

You knew, when he filed it at the end of the second special session, that he’d file it again in the third. He did not disappoint. Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., the anti-choice Democrat from the Valley, is championing a most … Continue reading

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Sarah Davis Is Not a Hero

The Texas House of Representatives just passed HB 15, a bill requiring women to receive a sonogram and a heavy dose of guilt in order to obtain an abortion. Several Ds voted for the bill; one R voted against it, … Continue reading

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Voicemail Time Machine

What is she’s drunk, crazy, or about to kick off a book tour? The 3 best guesses as to why Ginni Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill asking her to pray about apologizing to Clarence Thomas. Wednesday night, a … Continue reading

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Rick v. The Coyote

Texas governor Rick Perry shot a coyote while out for a jog with his daughter’s dog. Shot it dead. Shot it dead with his laser-sighted pistol that he carries with him when he jogs. Oh, boy. Is this some weird … Continue reading

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If I Can’t Put Words in Their Mouths, I’ll At Least Put Thoughts In Their Heads. I Hope.

I just transcribed Bill White’s responses to the two abortion-related questions from the February 8th debate. Their questions were driven, I believe, in part by the GOP primary proposition #5—should women be required to view a sonogram before having an … Continue reading

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Kay Bailey: Roe v. Wade Won’t Get Her Across the Potomac

As I’ve mentioned before, Kay Bailey Hutchison likes to play this little game in which she acts just wishy-washy enough to allow some people to believe she may actually be a stealth pro-choice candidate. She aims to siphon off moderates, … Continue reading

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