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I’ll Do It for $100, But Please Pay in Advance

I am so totally on board for helping to take care of any pets left behind after the rapture, which may or may not be happening next weekend. I do wonder, however, what other uses they may find for their … Continue reading

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Another Sexist GOP Candidate. In Other News, Sky is Blue.

A candidate for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne pops off with this gem: Being attorney general is a man’s job … The quote, in context, was a jab at a primary opponent Horne accuses of hiding behind his advisors. Implied … Continue reading

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And Take Her Shoes & Impregnant Her, I Suppose?

Lest you had any doubt that sexism thrives in the GOP . . . Hat tip to Emily’s List for scanning and posting this page of the spring, 2010 issues of the Republican Review, a publication paid for by the … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich: Is He Lying About The President?

Just got a phone call from Newt Gingrich and American Solutions. And just filed a complaint with the FTC about that call. Similar to the Michael Reagan/Dick Morris calls that have been going around, this call began with a live … Continue reading

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This Is What Jim Crow Looked Like

Had a quick cocktail last night with a delightful lady full of joy and true mind-bending talent. Chatting before her show, we were talking about the good and the bad of how bands are treated at gigs. She described a … Continue reading

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