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No Means No, and Rape Means Rape

Texas has the Legislative Council, an office responsible for drafting bills for our legislators so that the bills represent the intent of the sponsor without creating mass chaos or violating the constitution. Most of the mistakes legislators make that the … Continue reading

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Bad Hair or Badass?

Perhaps I’m naïve, but it makes no sense to me that Bill White is opting to sit out of the upcoming senate race. White has spent a great deal of time and money building statewide name recognition, and attracted a … Continue reading

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For Shirley Hockenberry

Normally, I’m competitive, but someone else has knocked me out as top fundraiser for the Race Against Violence, and I don’t care. She’s racing in memory of a friend, Shirley Hockenberry. Shirley was killed by her husband. They were divorcing. … Continue reading

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Our Tiniest Tenants

I’m sitting here trying not to have what Far Side cartoonist so aptly called a cumulative attack of the willies. [The cartoon showed the janitor at the zoo in total meltdown mode when, after years of mopping up in the … Continue reading

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Trash Tax

We are lucky to be part of the 25% of homes in Houston with single-stream recycling. If you are not, your big bin may be a long time coming. Without a mandatory trash collection fee, which two mayors have rejected, … Continue reading

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Walk the Walk For Loréal – And Bring Your Kids

As part of my ongoing 40th birthday celebration, I eagerly attended bingo night at Duchesne Academy with a darling friend, let’s call her Young M.C., enrolled in first grade at the girls’ school on the bayou. I had been looking … Continue reading

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The Worrying Life

I worry, and sometimes, despite the futility of it, I do so about things not in my control. That’s just how I’m wired. Sometimes, worry keeps me from living life to the fullest, but I’m convinced that many times, it … Continue reading

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