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It Gets Better – Except in the Military

This week has been too full of awful stories of young people being bullied to death—mocked and tortured because their tormentors believed them to be gay, and believed it was OK to treat a gay person as less than human. … Continue reading

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We Have To Talk About Your Boyfriend

If the Catholic Church were my boyfriend, I’d dump him. If he were dating one of my friends, I’d be trying to figure out how to have that awkward but necessary conversation.  The one you dread having, because it might … Continue reading

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Bad Law* Deserves Bad Poetry

There once was a Congressman Stupak Who at women’s rights took a big whack. He got 64 votes, but women take notes. When election-time comes, he’ll not be back. *Technically, the Stupak amendment is not law.  Today, it is still … Continue reading

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The Case for Music on KPFT

The wingnuts do talk radio and television pretty well, but honestly, when was the last time anyone found themselves in the shower humming a few bars of the latest rant from a Fox windbag? Woody Guthrie.  Pete Seeger.  Odetta.  Joan … Continue reading

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And Friends They May Thinks It’s A Movement

Every once in awhile, when we go into a restaurant or bar with the television tuned to Fox, we either leave right away or ask that the channel be changed.  Not often enough, however, because sometimes we are tired and … Continue reading

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