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Billboard Blight in Houston

I have not been able to take a picture of the most offensive billboards I’ve seen lately, so I borrowed this one from another town: While true, I’m not mad about “gentlemen’s” clubs, that’s not what is offensive. What offends … Continue reading

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Who Gets To Be Pro-Choice, Anyway?

Life is a continuum, and, as my hairline so helpfully demonstrates, always full of grey areas. What does it mean to call yourself pro-choice? People’s feelings about abortion, after all, fall along a pretty broad spectrum. It’s OK any time, … Continue reading

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Voicemail Time Machine

What is she’s drunk, crazy, or about to kick off a book tour? The 3 best guesses as to why Ginni Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill asking her to pray about apologizing to Clarence Thomas. Wednesday night, a … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for Superman. Be Superman. Or Ralph.

I’ve not actually seen Waiting for Superman, mostly because I know the story. Free public education is both the greatest promise and greatest failure of our country. It can seem overwhelming to think about fixing it. The movie title comes … Continue reading

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The Transitive Property of Politics

You may recall from elementary school the transitive property of equality: If a = b, and b = c, then a = c. This works in math. This almost never works in life. As in: If Amy likes Bill, and … Continue reading

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