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Role Models for Charity

The Astros have finally offered some insight into why they nixed the gala benefiting HAWC, and the whole Astros’ Wives organization, and it doesn’t sound very nice. From the Houston Chronicle: But as public opinion on social media was turning against … Continue reading

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The Astros, Their Wives, Charity, and the Houston Area Women’s Center

Full disclosure—I used to work at the Houston Area Women’s Center, so I definitely have some strong feelings about this. Keep in mind, however, that I speak only for myself on this blog. I’m really upset that the Houston Astros have left … Continue reading

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Targeting the Tea Party

The facts aren’t all in, but my first reaction to news that some in the IRS took a special interest in investigating tea party-related organizations? Well, DUH. Let’s say you’re the at the IRS, and your job is investigating people who … Continue reading

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Shopping and Music

I know there’s a science behind the music that gets played in stores. I’d like to think my awareness of that fact, coupled with my extreme loathing for spending money unnecessarily, reduces my susceptibility to the science behind the selections, … Continue reading

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Something Fishy at Reef Restaurant in Houston

Update 5/14/13: I don’t have all of the details yet, and want to double-check before I spread news that isn’t mine to spread, but it sounds like the Reef and Planned Parenthood folks have come together to bridge the gap, … Continue reading

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