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A New Mayor for Houston, An Old Mayor of Houston

I watched KHOU last night, waiting for election returns and the moment we could finally say Annise Parker, next mayor of Houston. During the lag between the early votes being released and election-day precincts beginning to report, Doug Miller interviewed … Continue reading

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Songs for Rocking the Vote

Annise Parker’s campaign just took 30 seconds out of their GOTV effort to tweet out a request: Important: We’re creating a song playlist for our Election Night Party. Respond with your suggestions! I like the idea of farming this out … Continue reading

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Diversity By The Numbers Doesn’t Always Paint The Picture

As a feminist of a certain age, I count.  I look at places of privilege and power, and I count.  How many women?  How many minorities? How old are they? How high have they risen, and how quickly, and who … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa

A helpful comment on my post about Gene Locke missing the PBS debate to be at the hockey game: Nice job on doing your due diligence: the debate was taped a full day before the hockey game. Locke couldn’t have … Continue reading

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What The Puck?

OK, really bad title, I know.  But how could I resist? I’m bright red as I confess that even though I watched part of the show, I missed the news that mayoral candidate Annise Parker’s appearance last week on the … Continue reading

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Gene Locke Shook The Devil’s Hand

A City Hall Duo? We have much to unpack from yesterday’s Houston Politics blog on the Chron website. Gene Locke, trying to get under that big tent at the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club, gave the same two-for-one pitch that drew … Continue reading

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Early Money Is Like Yeast

It makes the dough rise. That’s right – it takes money to make money, and that holds true in a political campaign just as it does in business.   Last week, Ellen Malcolm, founder of EMILY’s List, visited my home … Continue reading

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