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Is Giving Up An Option for BP?

If I see another heading that is some variation on BP Not Giving Up In Fight Against Oil Spill . . . Do the headline writers know something we don’t? Maybe they’re taking the longer view. If you really want … Continue reading

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A Great Tip – Hope You Will Use It

Ok, even though I try to keep it constructive, let’s face it. I almost always blog about stuff going wrong, and not about stuff going right. So, heading into the long weekend, here’s a tip about a remarkable nonprofit in … Continue reading

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BP v. Birth Control

Add to the list of nut-jobs to look out for the Pill Kill Cult. You can find them at thepillkills dot org, but you’ll have to go there on your own. I’m not linking. Yes, the latest assault on birth … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t We Be Doing Something?

I didn’t stockpile for Y2K, but I do like to plan ahead in case of emergencies. At the beginning of hurricane season, I do get new batteries for the flashlight, buy a few containers to use for freezing water, and … Continue reading

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I Should Have Holla’d Back

High noon at the burger joint a few stops down on the freeway. I waited in line while 2 women ordered, then stepped up to the cash register, next to a short, young, mostly bald guy in a spread collar, … Continue reading

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Working Women & The Pill

I wish I could remember her name, because I really would like to thank the doctor I went to in high school who put me on the pill. I suffered terribly from debilitating cramps every time I got my period. … Continue reading

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Mourning the Gulf

In the 70s, we’d pack up early in the morning to drive to Galveston, meeting our next-door neighbors on a west end beach. We’d cook breakfast over a fire—Uncle Marty cooking scrambled eggs and bacon in a cast-iron skillet, serving … Continue reading

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