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Consider Yahoo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made headlines for issuing the edict that no one at the company can work remotely any longer. The memo is here; you can read various takes on it at Salon and Jezebel. This, despite studies … Continue reading

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Denying Women’s Agency (AKA the Yoga Pants Kerfuffle)

Making the rounds today, a blog post about one man’s angst over yoga pants, as worn by women, and many, many responses to that post. I’ve observed a few back & forths over what may or may not be offensive … Continue reading

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Bring Lilly Ledbetter to Texas – Calls Needed Today

[UPDATES at end of post] No, not the actual person—the Fair Pay legislation. Congress passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, but in Texas, tough. You can file in federal courts, but in state courts, which are far … Continue reading

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A Moving Meditation: Driving in Houston, Staying the Course

Yesterday, I navigated a curve heading to an intersection, planning to turn left. The light was green. The car in front of me, in the left lane, was stopped with its blinker on. I had to stop. I honked. Nothing … Continue reading

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Baking Shortcut – Boxed Brownie Mixes

This is hardly earth-shattering, but in the spirit of the internet, which has guided me through many baking and cooking quandaries, allow me to answer this question: Can you use coconut oil instead of regular vegetable oil in a boxed … Continue reading

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