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Speak Up & Speak Out

I believe Free Press Summer Fest and Pegstar should cancel their contract with R. Kelly so he does not perform at FPSF this summer. They should do so because of R. Kelly’s extensively documented history as a sexual predator who … Continue reading

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Shopping and Music

I know there’s a science behind the music that gets played in stores. I’d like to think my awareness of that fact, coupled with my extreme loathing for spending money unnecessarily, reduces my susceptibility to the science behind the selections, … Continue reading

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Because You Never Know When Adultery Will Inspire Great Art

My new favorite state representative, Jodie Laubenberg, (ha! not really!) got a mostly true from PolitiFact Texas on her complaint that state money is funding a show that glorifies adultery. During floor debate, a Republican legislator complained that state expenditures … Continue reading

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Making the Pie Higher

You’re familiar with shopping malls, yes? A building where retailers co-locate to capitalize on larger crowds and economies of scale? I see you nodding yes, you’ve logged some time in these temples to consumer convenience, and you get it. Great. … Continue reading

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Hayes Carll’s Stomp & Holler for Jazzercise? Why Stop There? Texas Music for Your Workout Play List

Jazzercise™ has updated its official, corporate-approved play list to include Hayes Carll’s Stomp and Holler: I was already quite fond of Carll, but his response to news of the Jazzercise™ selection has made me even more enamored of his wit … Continue reading

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