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Smell Shock, Plus an Important Message About Maggots

All I needed to see were the headline and tags over at Fight Stupidization: something rotten, house, animals. I knew. Dead rat in the walls. We’ve had that, too. Now, for the first time, I share the full story in … Continue reading

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Cute Kittens Frolicking!

OK, total bait and switch. Actually CATS, not kittens. Just drove past the Mustang/CAT office on 290, where the yard is strewn with equipment. It really does seem like they just let the equipment out to play. I tagged this … Continue reading

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Wham, Bam, You Know What’s Coming Next

Last night, handing out condoms to promote PPYL’s Party Like a Rock Star, I approached three young men on the back patio of a local bar. I asked if I might interrupt their evening for a moment. One of them … Continue reading

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Traffic Tips for the City I Love

Since all of that yelling from inside my car wasn’t working . . . Share it with anyone you love, or anyone you suspect of not driving so well.

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Dear HEB Bunker Hill

I’m sorry, but it’s over. Since you opened, on many occasions, I’ve driven past many other stores to choose to shop with you. I hit my frustration ceiling this morning, however, and would like to let you know what you … Continue reading

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