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Thirty Shades of Blue

A friend’s post on Facebook earlier today provided me with a writing prompt I could not ignore. Friend: My house is getting painted starting next week, and I need to pick colors. It’s a cape that has the proportions of … Continue reading

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Spending Money in Texas Because Texas Votes Matter

New York City, Los Angeles, and Texas all gripe about politicians treating us like ATMs—hitting us up for cash they spend elsewhere. As a progressive in Texas, it can be frustrating to see national candidates and committees lavish attention on … Continue reading

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Don’t Have a Water Well? Get One!

Sometimes, you still see bumper stickers around town that say “Don’t have an oil well? Get one!” It’s a reference to a TV advertisement by Eddie Chiles, an old oilfield services guy who got rich and ended up owning a … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Senate Vote on Paycheck Fairness

As predicted, the Senate was unable to get the 60 votes necessary to invoke cloture and end the Republican filibuster that is preventing the Paycheck Fairness Act from coming to a vote on the floor. Not a single Republican voted … Continue reading

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I’m Pro-Choice and I Approve This Message

New Mexico’s first congressional district had a 3-way primary race in the Democratic party that was decided yesterday. The current Democratic representative will not be returning to office, as he is running for a seat in the senate. The primary … Continue reading

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