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Ann Johnson is Pro-Choice, Sarah Davis is Not

I strongly encourage residents of Texas House District 134 to vote for Ann Johnson for state representative in the upcoming election. If women’s health, reproductive rights, and bodily integrity are important to you, Ann Johnson is the candidate who deserves … Continue reading

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My Best Advice for Progressives Attending or Considering Law School

Here’s the advice I wish someone gave me: Take federal income tax just as soon as you get your first-year required classes out of the way. Don’t avoid a professor just because you don’t agree with her or his politics. … Continue reading

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The Thought Bubble Above My Head These Days Says This

With all thanks and credit to Matt Emal for putting the look and feel behind the word that must be bubbling up out of so many heads these days!

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This Is Why I Won’t Say Rare

At a certain moment, at a time when some hopeful souls still believed in the power of compromise and constructive dialogue, someone uttered the phrase that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. What pro-choice people meant by rare was … Continue reading

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And Another Thing

Yes, I’m still on the Sarah Davis thing. Here is her quote about why she voted against the forced sonogram bill (a vote that she and everyone else knew would do nothing to change the outcome, given the GOP majority): … Continue reading

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