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Enjoy Yer Readn

I had the great honor of helping to judge the preliminary round for the Houston PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest this afternoon. We read some phenomenal stories from some children who are talented story tellers, enjoyed illustrations from some kids … Continue reading

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Antiques Roadshowitis

If you spend over a week in bed with strep throat, and you don’t have cable, you end up watching a fair amount of public television. I’ve logged many hours with Antiques Roadshow in the past week and a half. … Continue reading

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30 Years Ago Today

When John Lennon died, I was in 4th grade. My teacher played a 45 every day when we did exercises during our snack break—Be True To Your School by the Beach Boys or With a Little Luck by Wings—but I … Continue reading

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When the ’80s Ended for Me

I enjoyed revisiting Susan Faludi’s Backlash courtesy of Pandagon this morning. I totally buy her assertion that the book, published in 1991, deserves to be lumped in with the ’80s. Her post got me thinking about the ’80s, and the … Continue reading

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My Friend The Suffragette

In 1991, during college, I got involved with the Upper Valley League of Women Voters. On an absolutely gorgeous fall Saturday, we were gathering signatures on a petition that had something to do with abortion rights. I’m fairly certain it … Continue reading

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