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Our New Pets

We’d been noticing that The Fluffy Menace seemed unusually focused on the laundry shed . . .

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It’s a Yee-Haw Christmas, Y’all

We have amassed quite a collection of blown-glass Christmas ornaments, but with two rambunctious poodles in the house, have left the collection safely swaddled in bubble wrap for the past five years. Our house, small and no-nonsense, has only one … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Dogs Bark

The Fluffy Menace has an ear infection, but we’ve caught it early, so her head-shaking days are nearing their end. The gentian violet/alcohol/boric acid remedy wasn’t doing the trick this time, so we hit the vet. The visit went off … Continue reading

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Zebra Cake? Icebox Cake? Easy Cake.

This cake was one of my favorites as a child.  We called it zebra cake, because you get zebra stripes when you slice it. As I got more and more into baking, I would run across mentions of icebox cake.  … Continue reading

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Fig Spice Cake

I bought figs for tonight’s cake.  I believe they are local. I wanted to buy the adorable plums, which were perfectly ripe and the perfect shape for my cake, but they were from Italy, and that seemed an excessive distance … Continue reading

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