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Rick v. The Coyote

Texas governor Rick Perry shot a coyote while out for a jog with his daughter’s dog. Shot it dead. Shot it dead with his laser-sighted pistol that he carries with him when he jogs. Oh, boy. Is this some weird … Continue reading

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Another Sexist GOP Candidate. In Other News, Sky is Blue.

A candidate for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne pops off with this gem: Being attorney general is a man’s job … The quote, in context, was a jab at a primary opponent Horne accuses of hiding behind his advisors. Implied … Continue reading

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STSU Strawberry Cake

Perhaps, if you are a third grader, you do not recoil in horror when every strawberry cake recipe you consult calls for strawberry gelatin. [Perhaps, if you are a third grader, you devote your time and energy not to consulting … Continue reading

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Even Jesus Left Chicago – Why Can’t United?

Distressing news to hear that Continental would relocate its executives to Chicago should the airline merge with United! I’ve always admired Continental Airlines for their deep commitment to our community. Never, even in the toughest economic times, did they put … Continue reading

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And Take Her Shoes & Impregnant Her, I Suppose?

Lest you had any doubt that sexism thrives in the GOP . . . Hat tip to Emily’s List for scanning and posting this page of the spring, 2010 issues of the Republican Review, a publication paid for by the … Continue reading

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