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Words Have Meanings, Part 1,972,437

What do to about violence? Violence against women, against children, against men is everywhere—every culture, every income level, and every neighborhood, not to mention most television shows that aspire to the category of drama instead of comedy, but sometimes even … Continue reading

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Boobs with Blogs

Obviously, bloggers try their best to lure you with catchy headlines, and Ed Schipul sure wrote a super-sticky one. I was as helpless as a dead fish caught in a flushing toilet when I saw the headline More breasts and … Continue reading

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Taking the Jesus H. Christ out of Christmas

Well, we did it. After last year’s four-hour ordeal involving gnashing of teeth, dulling of saw blades, and downing of beer in a far-from-medicinal manner during the course of getting the damn tree put up, we went for a new … Continue reading

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30 Years Ago Today

When John Lennon died, I was in 4th grade. My teacher played a 45 every day when we did exercises during our snack break—Be True To Your School by the Beach Boys or With a Little Luck by Wings—but I … Continue reading

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Crisp Cables

Wikileaks. I’m still crunching through, digesting, reflecting, and deciding, so am not ready to make any major pronouncements. (I know—the world waits with bated breath.) This news jumps out at me, though: India’s diplomatic leadership finds the cables to be … Continue reading

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I’m Totally Going to Win at Recycling

I’m ashamed to admit it, but in recent years, when I’ve stockpiled glass bottles and jars to take to one of the city’s recycling drop-off points, they’ve ended up in the trash because I never made it. We’re getting the … Continue reading

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When the ’80s Ended for Me

I enjoyed revisiting Susan Faludi’s Backlash courtesy of Pandagon this morning. I totally buy her assertion that the book, published in 1991, deserves to be lumped in with the ’80s. Her post got me thinking about the ’80s, and the … Continue reading

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