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Remedial Four-Way Stop

It has come to my attention, Houston, that you willfully ignore standard rules of the road when storms knock power out to traffic signals. In order for the world not to devolve into total chaos, please refresh your familiarity with … Continue reading

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Spending Money in Texas Because Texas Votes Matter

New York City, Los Angeles, and Texas all gripe about politicians treating us like ATMs—hitting us up for cash they spend elsewhere. As a progressive in Texas, it can be frustrating to see national candidates and committees lavish attention on … Continue reading

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If You Support Birth Control & Planned Parenthood, Say It Loud & Say It Proud (And Put It On Your Website)

I’ve long been frustrated by liberal/progressive candidates who hide the ball on their websites and in campaign material when it comes to stating their support for abortion rights and birth control. If they mention it at all, candidates tend to … Continue reading

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We Are Not German! Or, A Note on Random Capitalization

I cannot bite my tongue one more time, and so you, dear internet, get a remedial English grammar lesson. We are not German! We use capital letters with more restraint, and we do not use them for emphasis, no matter … Continue reading

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A Business I Now Need to Support

The New York Times profiled the owner of Replacements, Ltd., the fantastic source for filling out your collection of china, silver, and other dinnerware. In the months leading up to North Carolina’s vote this month to ban gay marriage, most … Continue reading

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