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See Something, Say Something + Houston’s Drought

Many times, I’d like to give someone a piece of my mind. My mind has too few pieces to spare, so to keep it intact and keep my blood pressure low, I will admit to adopting a live and let … Continue reading

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Drainage Fee Poll (Only of Interest to Houston Wonks)

Last night, my phone rang, with the nebulous caller ID name Texas. I was about to tackle a pile of laundry that needed folding, so answering a few political poll questions seemed like a nice diversion. Here’s a sketch of … Continue reading

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Can We All Agree to Tax This?

Politicians agree on almost nothing, except that none of them want to be the brave one who proposes raising taxes, even if raising taxes would actually help our economy and make our lives better. Non-politicians owe it to ourselves, our … Continue reading

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Target Turns Capitalists into Socialists

I’m not a Missoni fan. I’m only begrudgingly a Target shopper. I, therefore, was not queued up at six this morning to buy the Missoni for Target line like so many apparently were. I’ve read several articles on the ensuing … Continue reading

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