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Saving Money in the New Year: No Cheap Crap from China

I try not to accumulate stuff. When, on the rare occasions I shop as a form of entertainment, I almost never actually purchase anything. We bought a small house not only to live within our means, but also to limit … Continue reading

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Vacation Destination

Keeping in mind our record on vacations, please share your thoughts on what we should do for our next trip. The trip through the Florida Keys would definitely involve swimming with dolphins, which studies have shown might be just the … Continue reading

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Joyeux Noël Avec Beef en Croûte

During the recent PBS pledge drive, they broke out the hard stuff—Rick Steves’ Christmas in Europe. I watched a charming French family prepare a filet of beef tenderloin wrapped in brioche, and the challenge was ON. Except I got started … Continue reading

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Tracking Santa with NORAD

When I was very young, our family spent Christmas Eve at the home of my dad’s boss. The boss lived next door to another employee, so she and her husband joined the festivities as well. I do not think it … Continue reading

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Good Lessons from Bad Bosses – The Alcohol Edition

I’ve worked in the nonprofit world, in jobs that put me in contact with volunteers, often during their leisure hours. I ended up at plenty of receptions, galas, and even meetings that served a somewhat social purpose for some participants, … Continue reading

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