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Good Lessons from Bad Bosses – The Alcohol Edition

I’ve worked in the nonprofit world, in jobs that put me in contact with volunteers, often during their leisure hours. I ended up at plenty of receptions, galas, and even meetings that served a somewhat social purpose for some participants, … Continue reading

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Tinker Punch

Tinker Punch.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?  Fizzy, not too sweet, maybe with an herbal simple syrup.  Packs a sneaky-Pete kind of kick.  Looks great in a bowl with an ice ring molded from a bundt pan. I haven’t decided what … Continue reading

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First Harvest of Meyer Lemons: Hot Toddy & Shaker Lemon Pie

While our Republic of Texas orange tree continues to grow at the epic pace of a quarter inch a year, and our Mexican lime throws off a meager harvest of tiny fruit that redeem themselves by fitting snugly in the … Continue reading

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Farm-Raised, But Were They Grass-Fed?

Last night, at Hugo’s, the menu featured chapulines – grasshoppers.  I asked how they were prepared, and the waiter explained they were farm-raised grasshoppers, lightly sauteed with onion, served with guacamole and corn tortillas. Though we ordered something else, the … Continue reading

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Aguas Frescas

Why yes, I do know this is a VERY BIG IMAGE!  Trust me, it looks much better big than small. Yesterday, inexplicably, the only thing in the world that I wanted was watermelon agua fresca. As southern as I may … Continue reading

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