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Top 5 Things To Do in A Campaign’s Last Month and One Thing You Should Never Do

Twenty-eight days from today, counting today, will be election day. Early voting in Texas starts in 13 days. This is it. Don’t wait any longer to get involved. At this point, it is all about votes and voters. This will … Continue reading

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Greg Abbott: Arrogant, Dangerous, and a Craven Hypocrite

There it is, in case you were wondering what I think about him. I wouldn’t want you to have to read between the lines. Did you read the entire Dallas Morning News article I linked to in my last blog post … Continue reading

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Whose Discourse? Our Discourse!

Someone at MSNBC tweeted something implying that right-wing Republicans’ long history of intolerance and racism might mean they would not appreciate a commercial that features a biracial family being cute about breakfast cereal and heart disease. The response from the … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Does Not Believe in California

Because I care about Texas, and you, I watched and listened to this interview featuring Rick Perry talking about his belief that a projected $10-11B (that billion with a B, and that is Perry’s estimate, considered to be low) is … Continue reading

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Kay Bailey: Roe v. Wade Won’t Get Her Across the Potomac

As I’ve mentioned before, Kay Bailey Hutchison likes to play this little game in which she acts just wishy-washy enough to allow some people to believe she may actually be a stealth pro-choice candidate. She aims to siphon off moderates, … Continue reading

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