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Bad Hair or Badass?

Perhaps I’m naïve, but it makes no sense to me that Bill White is opting to sit out of the upcoming senate race. White has spent a great deal of time and money building statewide name recognition, and attracted a … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Does Not Believe in California

Because I care about Texas, and you, I watched and listened to this interview featuring Rick Perry talking about his belief that a projected $10-11B (that billion with a B, and that is Perry’s estimate, considered to be low) is … Continue reading

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Smell Shock, Plus an Important Message About Maggots

All I needed to see were the headline and tags over at Fight Stupidization: something rotten, house, animals. I knew. Dead rat in the walls. We’ve had that, too. Now, for the first time, I share the full story in … Continue reading

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If I Can’t Put Words in Their Mouths, I’ll At Least Put Thoughts In Their Heads. I Hope.

I just transcribed Bill White’s responses to the two abortion-related questions from the February 8th debate. Their questions were driven, I believe, in part by the GOP primary proposition #5—should women be required to view a sonogram before having an … Continue reading

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Gene Locke’s Legacy, The Bob Lanier Chapter

Sunday’s Houston Chronicle called for Gene Locke to take a stronger stance than the one he’s taken against what they term the politics of discrimination and bigotry.  Read the editorial here, but this excerpt bears repeating: Houston deserves better. Our … Continue reading

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