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Why Being Pro-Choice Encompasses More Than Abortion

Fundamentally, being pro-choice is shorthand for saying that a woman—not her doctor, nor her priest, nor her state or federal legislator—is the person who should control her own body. Agency. Bodily integrity. The right to choose whether and when to … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Shaking People Down for the Cause

Thanks to the internet, we’re all fundraisers now. How can you stand out and make sure you bring in the big bucks? Here are some of the things I kept in mind while I rolled past my fundraising goal for … Continue reading

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EdenSoy, Roots Bistro, and Constructive Next Steps

Was I outraged over the sign at Roots Bistro? You bet. Do I feel my energy was wasted sharing my outrage, or that I or others overreacted? No. I’m a little stunned that my blog post has received over 9,000 … Continue reading

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Because You Never Know When Adultery Will Inspire Great Art

My new favorite state representative, Jodie Laubenberg, (ha! not really!) got a mostly true from PolitiFact Texas on her complaint that state money is funding a show that glorifies adultery. During floor debate, a Republican legislator complained that state expenditures … Continue reading

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Apologies: You’re Doing It Wrong (Roots Bistro Edition)

Update: You can read my thoughts on Roots Bistro’s response to this whole situation. I hope you’ll also consider making a donation to the Houston Area Women’s Center in honor of Roots Bistro. It is a way for you to … Continue reading

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