Mea Culpa

A helpful comment on my post about Gene Locke missing the PBS debate to be at the hockey game:

Nice job on doing your due diligence: the debate was taped a full day before the hockey game. Locke couldn’t have missed the debate in order to be at the game. Yet another misleading lie from yet another Parker peanut gallerist. – Jill Hobbs

Wow.  OK.  My mistake.

I checked Gene Locke’s website and couldn’t find anything about the debate or the air date other than his tweet from 11/20 saying he’d had the chance to drop the puck at the hockey game.  (He also had an exhausting workout on the 20th.)  If the PBS show was taped, it only aired at the same time as the hockey game.

I wasn’t aiming to mislead, I was aiming to mock.  And sometimes mocking can backfire.  Mea culpa.

So, he missed the taping for some other reason, not because he was dropping the puck.

I’d love to read an explanation for why he missed the debate, because I do realize that crises arise, mistakes happen, life gets in the way, etc.  For now, however, as far as I can tell from official sources, he has not addressed the matter.

I also checked his calendar of events page, both last night and today.  The first upcoming event listed is 12/5 – a Locke the Vote campaign rally.

Maybe someone should tell him that he’s scheduled to be on ABC 13’s debate tonight at 8 p.m.

In other news, Gene Locke has STILL said nothing about receiving Hotze’s endorsement.  To qualify – still said nothing as far as I can tell from his official website.  The politics of I’ll-do-anything-to-win, it seems, continue unabated.

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