What The Puck?

OK, really bad title, I know.  But how could I resist?

I’m bright red as I confess that even though I watched part of the show, I missed the news that mayoral candidate Annise Parker’s appearance last week on the PBS local policy show, Red White & Blue, was supposed to be a debate with Gene Locke.

Who didn’t show.


Especially hilarious because he accepted the invitation to appear, which strongly suggests that, in fact, he planned to appear and debate his opponent.

Turns out, even more hilarious—he bagged the debate to drop the puck at a hockey game.  And tried to make Annise Parker look like she was the one skipping out on a commitment by not joining him at the game.

Gene Locke.  Reminding people that when it comes to the issues voters care about, he’s on thin ice.

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