We Have To Talk About Your Boyfriend

If the Catholic Church were my boyfriend, I’d dump him.

If he were dating one of my friends, I’d be trying to figure out how to have that awkward but necessary conversation.  The one you dread having, because it might ruin your friendship, but you dread not having even more, because you care about your friend.

Your boyfriend?  He seems really controlling, possessive.  He tells you (and everyone else) what to do, how to vote, what movies to see, and gets all in everybody’s business about sex.  Not cool.

It really isn’t up to me.  The Catholic Church wouldn’t date me if I were the last born-again virgin on earth.  But some out there have chosen him.  Do they think they can change him?  Can they at least get him to back off when it comes the rest of us?

[Rant prompted by this and this.]

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