Gene Locke Shook The Devil’s Hand

A City Hall Duo? We have much to unpack from yesterday’s Houston Politics blog on the Chron website.

Gene Locke, trying to get under that big tent at the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club, gave the same two-for-one pitch that drew so much snark when it came from Bill Clinton back in the day.  Elect me, Gene says, and even if you don’t like me, you’ll love my wife.

The blogger reports that Gene explained himself “after the laughter subsided.”  His wife would use her position as first lady of the city to advocate for issues—not government issues, mind you, but issues like the elderly or childhood literacy.

OK, first.  After the laughter subsided? Seriously?  I guess it was his delivery.

Second.  I think we all know what’s behind this.  Gene “I reject any association with the style of campaigning” Locke seems to be finding plenty of ways to associate himself with the Dave Wilson/gay-bashing style of campaigning.

Implicit now, thanks to Gene’s decision to jump into bed with assorted godbags and wingnuts, in any reference to his own wife, is a reference to the gender of Annise Parker’s partner.

The honorable thing for Gene Locke to do?  Hard to say, and he seems to have given up on honorable in his quest for elected office, but here are a few ideas:

  • Stop mentioning your heterosexuality.
  • Stop giving Republicans wink-wink, nudge-nudge opportunities.
  • Issue a more forceful disavowal of the horrible, mean-spirited gay-baiting that is being done for your benefit.

Gene Locke, you can’t shake the devil’s hand then say you’re only kidding.  But don’t take my word for it.  Maybe this peppy little ditty about not tolerating racists will help put the issue in focus for you:

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