Changing of the Guard on the Fridge

This cartoon came down from our fridge today, at Allen’s request:


I just checked The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank and learned Bruce Eric Kaplan published it in the 4/11/2005 issue.  I would have lost money had I bet on how long we’d had it up – seems like much longer.

Since we both work for ourselves now, it seemed that keeping this up would only serve to mock and dishearten our wage-slave friends when they come over and spend time looking at our fridge assemblage.

Interesting to note – Kaplan, the cartoonist, also wrote the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine is driven mad by not understanding a New Yorker cartoon.

So, the cartoon is down.  I am not ready to relinquish, however, even though he is in 8th grade now, Joe Gordon’s Lone Star Jukebox drawing on a post-it note from at least 8 years ago, or Joe and Addie’s overly-waxy-crayon valentine.

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