Minella Plumbing Supply Building

METRORail’s soon-to-be-built Southeast Corridor light rail line will scissor through the hardcore industrial section east of downtown.  Driving the route yesterday, I noticed this fabulous building at 3100 McKinney:




Going out on a limb, I am going to say the Minella Plumbing Supply building went up in 1920.  I’ve not done enough digging to know whether it was originally a plumbing supply company, but I suspect not.  That name, however, is the last one barely visible in the faded paint on the side of the structure.

If you squint at the now-empty cartouche below the windows, it appears that at some point, a business with a name ending in “works” might have also been housed here.  That would make sense, as this part of town has several buildings from about that vintage that are armories, ironworks, and other industrial, well, industries.

You just know that the odds are highly in favor of this building coming down.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if it could be preserved, renovated, and repurposed?  I mean how fantastic is that eagle?


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