Beto for Senate 2020

I started supporting Beto’s challenge to Ted Cruz very early—friends and I hosted an event for him in my home the weekend he launched his campaign.

His presidential campaign never grabbed me in the same way. From the kickoff rally at TSU to the debates, his affect seemed flat. Bottom line, I was not buying it.

How furious and sad am I that it took a horrific mass murder in El Paso to bring back Beto’s fire? I would gladly spend the next 200 years with Beto as an also-ran 2020 presidential contender if it meant we could have those precious lives back.

But that’s when the Beto we all remember from 2018 came back.

His seething rage and distraught demeanor are no act, and the love he has for El Paso and Texas cannot be ignored. His love for Texas is his superpower.

We are going to have an amazing Democratic ticket to tackle Trump, but Trump has never been our only problem. Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans who follow his lead are right now an even bigger impediment to sensible gun safety laws than the occupant of the White House.

If Beto switched to take on Cornyn, not only could he very likely win and have a direct impact on so much in the Senate, he would give a huge lift to every other Democrat running in Texas in the first year they’ll be running without the benefit of the straight ticket punch on the ballot. Not to mention he’d basically be the 3rd person on the presidential ticket by focusing on Texas.

Beto, let the rest of the candidates tackle the other 49 states. They’ve got those covered. Come help us take Texas back.

In case you think I’m copying what the Houston Chronicle editorial board wrote today, N.B. my post from November, 2018. #justsaying 

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