Three Ways to Help Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte Win Even if You Don’t Vote in Texas

If you don’t live in Texas, and aren’t alive in Texas, you can’t vote in Texas, despite what you may have assumed from the ballot box 13 incident back in ’48.

To those Texans living outside the state, our Texpatriates and all who love the mystique but can’t stand the mosquitoes, may I offer three suggestions for how you can help Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte win this election?

1. Donate
You knew that would be the first thing on the list, and it may not feel like your $10 or $50 or $100 can help, but it can. Give now so they can plan! Make a monthly gift for the next three months! Your gift will help with the ground game, and it’ll help with media buys.

Most states have one media market. A few have multiple markets, like California, with eleven. Texas has twenty, and our candidates need to place ads on all of them. TV advertising is especially important since the Republican candidates are all refusing to debate, or agreeing to only one debate. If candidates can’t buy ads, they will likely not be seen by voters who need to see them.

Give to Wendy Davis

Give to Leticia Van de Putte

2. Follow Wendy & Leticia on Facebook & Help Boost Posts with Your Likes
Follow them. Subscribe to their feeds. Like everything they post. Re-post their posts. Comment when your Texas friends share their posts.

Wendy Davis

Leticia Van de Putte

The more likes a post gets, the more comments and shares, the more likely the algorithms will put that post into other people’s feeds. As with TV advertising, Facebook posts help keep Wendy and Leticia and the election top of mind.

But don’t stop with those two! Like our lesser-known but equally impressive statewide candidates:

Sam Houston, running for Attorney General. Seriously, that’s his name. Seriously, he’s very qualified for this job. His Republican opponent was disciplined for violating state securities laws. Seriously.

Mike Collier, running for Comptroller. Mike has great business experience, so on point that it would seem his entire career was preparing him for this job. His opponent has prepared by helping his family run their family business, and has been endorsed by the NRA, Eagle Forum, and the Texas Home School Coalition. The only endorsement he’s received from a group that has anything even remotely to do with finances came from Michael Quinn Sullivan, who has also been disciplined by the Texas Ethics Commission this year.

Steve Brown, running for the Texas Railroad Commission. You may wonder why the Railroad Commission matters … it regulates the oil and gas industry. In Texas. In 2014. I’m not even going to google his opponent to see if he’s been indicted, reprimanded, or the like, because honestly, I’ll get depressed if I learn another candidate has been.

John Cook, running for Land Commissioner. You might know some of the relatives of the Republican candidate for this office. His last name is BUSH. Enough is enough as far as that family goes, wouldn’t you say?

You can’t like Jim Hogan’s Facebook page, because this Democratic candidate for Agricultural Commissioner doesn’t have one. Truth be told, he’s not who any of us would have picked. But, he’s running against Sid “Transvaginal Ultrasound” Miller, so …

You can see all of these candidates on the state party’s website and get links to all of their online outlets.

3. Come to Texas
Really, come on down and spend a weekend block-walking or phone-banking. The weather…well, are you really going to let the weather deter you from helping Texans end the reign of mean/stupid we’ve suffered under for so long?

Don’t you want to prepare a path to victory for the Democratic woman running for president in two short years?

You can come during early vote season, which starts October 20th. What about Halloween weekend? Come for the phone-banking and stay for the Tex-Mex.

The turnout model that Battleground Texas, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, and others are using this year have never happened in Texas on this scale and with this supporting technology. Phone banks and neighborhood canvassing that are all focused on GOTV are what will make the difference. You can have an impact here. Every study ever done has proven that person-to-person contact is the best way to get people to show up and vote.

This is how we win.

Come alone. Road-trip with friends. We’ll be glad to help you find couches to crash on, and to pick up the first round of margaritas.

Who’s in?

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