Draft Cecile

Each time I visit Austin, I detour to the big pink dome to remind myself that government is supposed to be of the people, for the people. I sign in at a few offices, including the Governor’s, where I leave a comment that is never as incisive and stinging as I hope it will be.

If I have time, I visit the galleries above the House and Senate chambers, looking for relatives. I figure if the name is Greer and there’s an East Texas connection, chances are high they’re a relative, because, come on, East Texas. OK, that’s a cheap shot, but honestly, when generation after generation has 9, 10, or 11 kids, and several wives (which is what happened back in the day if you were cranking out progeny like that) you’ve got to figure at some point, you’re pretty much all kin.

If it’s a quick visit, the one thing I don’t miss is checking in on dear, sweet, wicked, and wonderful Governor Ann Richards. Yep, that’s me, the one wiping tears from my eyes every damn time, standing in front of her, wishing we could have gotten her one more term. Imagine how history might have been changed if we had.

I woke up this morning not feeling great, checked in on Kuff, and felt even worse. I think we all figure it’ll happen, but it is deeply troubling to confront it. I’m talking about the real and distinct possibility that Rick Perry will run for governor again.

I went back to bed. I closed my eyes. I opened them. Popped open the iPad, and scanned Twitter and Facebook to see if, in the intervening five minutes, someone had done something that would give me hope for Texan-kind.

All I saw, though, was Chuckles the Governor fellating a corn dog. You tell me how to keep this image from sucking all of the optimism out of your Saturday morning:

Maybe we can start to dial back the bitterness of partisanship by agreeing not to take photos of candidates from any party taking an obligatory bite of any traditional state fair food. I mean, it would have to help the political discourse. And think of the children.

Anyway, I have a point, and it is this. I hereby kick-off (or join, because maybe others have beat me to it since I’ve been in a deep wormhole this summer) THE DRAFT CECILE RICHARDS TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF TEXAS MOVEMENT.

She’s going to be speaking at the DNC, and we all know that spot at the podium sets people up for a pretty sweet trajectory. She’s tough, smart, and must be at least a full foot taller than Goodhair. She could send him into hiding with a single side-eye.

More than that, she’s a clear win on the compassion front. She understands what it takes to take care of the least among us. She gets that strong, healthy women mean strong, healthy families, and that translates directly into a strong, healthy economy and community.

And, in this time of legitimate rape and vaginal probes and kamikaze Komen, she knows how to capitalize on the zeitgeist and rake in the big bucks. I’m nothing if not practical: serious green is what it will take to turn Texas blue.

Planned Parenthood might not be ready to let her go, but consider what it would mean to accelerate the demographic shift in Texas politics. I know great women are standing in the wings who could carry on the proud tradition Cecile has become a part of, leading that institution.

I’m going back to bed. I’ve sent this little idea out into the world and want to know what others think. Four more years of spite with no substance, or a true leader who will shift the focus of state government away from corporate corndogs and back to the people who are the true strength of this great state?

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