Sampling The World’s Tiniest Violin for RJD2

Well, I didn’t write about it the first time I heard it, because my annoyance subsided, but I heard a repeat of the World Cafe episode featuring RJD2, and remember why he annoyed me so much.

RJD2 (D2? Can I call you 2?) composes music using samples, and does a rather impressive job of it.

Less impressive? His response to David Dye’s question (at about 26:50 minutes into the interview) about the fact that D2 is making music, and money, off of the work of others musicians who might or might not have been paid for their work.

From a technical standpoint, D2 assures us that he understands what he is doing is illegal. Perhaps morally reprehensible, he suggests. He admits it.

You heard a but coming? He next brings up the circumstances surrounding the making of his first record, Dead Ringer, in 2002.

You might not be aware of this, but he made the record without an advance from the record company.

He offers some context for us:

When I made my first record, Dead Ringer, in 2002, I didn’t receive an advance to make it. I had to pay the recording costs. I had to pay the recording costs to make that record out of pocket, so the day that that record came out, I was in the hole about $1,500.

Oh, man.

In the hole almost $1,500 bucks? Now that’s suffering for your art.

I think he provides a fairly reasonable defense for sampling without compensating original artists. Not sure I agree, but I get his stance. Totally undermined by his complaining about the $1,500.

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