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Share the Saga of the War on Women: Fair Pay

The phrase war on women has become shorthand, in political circles, for regressive Republican legislative actions that restrict fair and equal access to healthcare and economic equality for women. Pollster Anna Greenberg told the audience at the Planned Parenthood Gulf … Continue reading

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Regressive Republicans Continue Their Assault on Women, Common Sense

A regressive Republican congressman from Arizona, Representative Trent Franks, has sponsored legislation that would ban abortions later than 20 weeks for residents of Washington, D.C. Regressive Republican Senator Mike Lee sponsored a companion bill in his chamber. The bill, by … Continue reading

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#HTXFeminist May Tweet-Up

We’re gathering again, so feel free to join us, whether you tweet or not. Please bring your feminist friends and news of any meetings, events, occasions to share. Friday, May 4, 2012 6 pm, but hey, no reason you can’t … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Mansplainer & Mommy-Coddler

Motherhood is the most important job, and we value you for doing it. Except when it isn’t, in which case, we don’t.

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$98 Yoga Pants or a $30K Wage Gap

Some days, I feel like I should just give up. Lately, that’s been because of the relentless attacks on women’s civil liberties. But today, it was a couple of articles that took me right back to the days of Susan … Continue reading

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