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I Never Said That (And You Can’t Prove I Did)

Police arrested a man today for threatening Senator Patty Murray of Washington with death for her support of the health care bill. My first thought was that I wonder how soon we’ll hear the wingnut peanut gallery spout off about … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Protests

Another 40 Days of Nasty Hatred Directed at Low-Income Women campaign has been clogging up the sidewalks at the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The biggest success so far has to be the fundraising campaign which has generated over $56,000 [update … Continue reading

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Taxes & Toilets

Arizona recently closed 13 of 18 highway rest stops due to budgetary shortfalls. Make no mistake about it—people are pissed. (Sorry.) Some residents see something sinister in the closings. Betty L. Roberts, who lives in Sun City, west of Phoenix, … Continue reading

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Harmless Ad or Propaganda for Evangelical World Domination?

I’d like to thank Betty White and Abe Vigoda for distracting a good portion of the viewing audience last night. Nothing like overt sexism and ageism to sidetrack people from the more insidious message of Focus on the Family. (Oh, … Continue reading

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More on Team Tebow

You can read my original post on the Tebow Superbowl ad here. A few thoughts I’d like to add: ONE, I think Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon pegged it. Focus on the Family set up a win-win – either CBS refuses … Continue reading

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