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Observations While Driving This Morning

I Many of the meteorologists who deliver weather reports on KUHF seem to stumble over the pronunciation of meteorologist. Just listen. It’ll bug you now, too. You’re welcome. II The constitution does not enumerate an inalienable right to drive 40 … Continue reading

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The Church of My Uterus

That’s it. I’m starting a church. A religion, even. And I’m going to incorporate it. It has become crystal clear that the only way I can exercise my right to control my own health, sexuality, and bodily integrity—my very right … Continue reading

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I’ll Do It for $100, But Please Pay in Advance

I am so totally on board for helping to take care of any pets left behind after the rapture, which may or may not be happening next weekend. I do wonder, however, what other uses they may find for their … Continue reading

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