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Tips for May Day, Recycling, & Spring Cleaning

Checking my Twitter feed, I saw this: I’d like to share this tip to help you be both a more effective protester and, perhaps, someone who creatively re-uses common household items. Never use a stick—not wood, not metal, not a … Continue reading

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Trash Tax

We are lucky to be part of the 25% of homes in Houston with single-stream recycling. If you are not, your big bin may be a long time coming. Without a mandatory trash collection fee, which two mayors have rejected, … Continue reading

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I’m Totally Going to Win at Recycling

I’m ashamed to admit it, but in recent years, when I’ve stockpiled glass bottles and jars to take to one of the city’s recycling drop-off points, they’ve ended up in the trash because I never made it. We’re getting the … Continue reading

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Green Squirrels

Our poodle, Judge, takes particular joy in disemboweling stuffed animals. As far as we know, he has never attempted this on an actual animal, but animal nature being what it is . . . Our backyard is strewn with the … Continue reading

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