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Mmmmmmm … Cabrito

Well, I haven’t hit the lottery numbers yet (dollar & a dream, baby!), but I did win a contest to help feed the African wild dogs, a.k.a. painted dogs at the Houston Zoo. The great cabrito caper happens tonight. I’ll … Continue reading

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Green Squirrels

Our poodle, Judge, takes particular joy in disemboweling stuffed animals. As far as we know, he has never attempted this on an actual animal, but animal nature being what it is . . . Our backyard is strewn with the … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Dogs Bark

The Fluffy Menace has an ear infection, but we’ve caught it early, so her head-shaking days are nearing their end. The gentian violet/alcohol/boric acid remedy wasn’t doing the trick this time, so we hit the vet. The visit went off … Continue reading

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Fig Spice Cake

I bought figs for tonight’s cake.  I believe they are local. I wanted to buy the adorable plums, which were perfectly ripe and the perfect shape for my cake, but they were from Italy, and that seemed an excessive distance … Continue reading

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