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Journalists and the Gish Gallop

This was the topic on the Diane Rehm show when I tuned in yesterday: Declining Access to Abortion Services Nationwide Two years ago, Texas passed a law requiring all clinics that offer abortions to meet the same standards as hospital … Continue reading

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Arts Organizations As Advocates for Progressive Reform

We talk often of health and human service nonprofits operating in silos, but the arts groups are not only in different silos, they’re on an entirely different farm when it comes to legislative advocacy. Arts organizations already lobby for funding, but … Continue reading

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#HB 3994 – The Farce Continues

House Bill 3994 is not about making a medical procedure safer. None of the abortion legislation before the Texas Legislature this session is about making a medical procedure safer. It is all and entirely about preventing people from terminating unwanted … Continue reading

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The Long Game in Texas

I believe the Republican majority in Texas must be challenged at every opportunity. They have laid waste to our strongest institutions and attacked our most vulnerable community members. They legislate as though a person’s value as a human should be based … Continue reading

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Today in Official Sexism Promotion in Texas

I had to clarify we’re talking about today, because yesterday, we were talking about the City of Austin training on how to work with women once they defy all logic and expectations and manage to get elected to office. Today, … Continue reading

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The Hon. Jessica Farrar (D-Reproductive Justice)

Last Wednesday, I went to Austin to wave my fist at the sky and dare the sun not to rise sign in as opposed to a particularly heinous bill aimed at all but eliminating the option minors in Texas have … Continue reading

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Texas Progressive Alliance Roundup April 20, 2015

The Texas Progressive Alliance honors the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing on the 20th anniversary of that dark day as it brings you this week’s roundup. Off the Kuff celebrated the city of Houston’s victory in court against the … Continue reading

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